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Subject:looking for some hot stuff baby this evening
Time:03:54 pm
Paros - Greek Islands. Hot as bloody hell. Heard it is zero in enzed, and here we are in thirty plus stuff.
Too hot for my blood!
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Subject:sugar-free - that's me
Time:07:10 am
Flying out to Greece today, from Stansted. At least, that's the plan, Stan. Depends on whether we are allowed to actually leave, considering these latest lovely developments. Go the security levels. No hand luggage at all, aside from the barest things like your passport; all of which needs to be in a see-through bag.

new purchases from London include jeans (bargain at six quid) and a brown shirt from Primark (so cheap it's grand) - five quid.
From the markets I scored some super-cool glasses for five pounds, and a british sweat thing that goes round the wrist. Can't remember the name, but I am an eighties child. Pound fiddy.
Also some funny postcards that one day soon I'll get round to posting. Maybe. We'll see.
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Current Location:Piccadilly Circus, London
Time:09:21 am
hot or not?
hole in the wall in London = not. Won't give me my cash.
Ice tea = not.
Strongbow Cider = not.
Strongbow Sirrus = hot.
The tube = hot (in both senses of the word)
bartenders = hot
the many various pubs = hot
being in the centre of everything = priceless!
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Subject:pub names
Time:06:43 am
Flew over with ex-all black Tane Randall in our midst. He followed us from the Koru club lounge in enzed to the Koru club lounge in LA but be lost him due to the special curtain separating us plebs from the rich bastards travelling first class. I don't care - we had a spare seat between u so we were mighty comfortable.
Flew through a thunderstorm on our way to the UK. Halfway through our turbulence I spotted the Captain wandering through. Was probably stretching his legs, but I felt like telling the freak to get back at his controls and fly this plane. As much as I love the drink, it doesn't mean I want to land in it.

Had first pint in pub called The Apollo. Photo to prove it.
Will try and find Bag of nails today when mum checks out the Apple store.
I'm looking to buy a cheap watch as I'm tired of not knowing what the time is. Keep getting up at six, as it looks bright as and I'm hearing all these voices from down below and it turns out to be way bloody early. Mind you - getting up at this time is great. There's nobody in the shower, it's quiet and peaceful, it makes you want to take a nice long leisure larry walk through the park (which Buckingham Palace happens to look out over).
Been to Tower of London, the parks, changing of the guards (we couldn't actually see a thing as there were so many peeps there, but we were crafty and watched it through the video camera of this guy standing in front of us). Went toa west-end show in Soho last night called Guys and Dolls, which had dirty dancin' man Patrick Swayze. Started off cheesy, ended up pretty good.
Might go to another way later on, if the half-price tix don't cost too much.
Saw a sign up advising people (this is in leicester square) that if they find a used needle they're not to touch it, but to inform the bobbies.
Wandered through China town the other night, and happened upon the gay clubs. Xcellent, I shall be checking them out.
Today we're going to the Dundgeons of London where all the sadistic things happened, and we're having dinner with Marnie and her mates.
I'm using free internet at the mo, in the hostel. It has been broken so no one could use it, and now they're working, and working for free. Just don't go telling the wrong people.
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Subject:and so
Time:08:32 pm
This week's kudos award goes to the city council of Chiacago, whose latest ordinance requires retailers who pull in over US$1 Billion in annual sales, and stores of at least 8100 sq m to pay their workers at least $10/hr PLUS $3 in fringe benefits (by mid-2010).
If us kiwis were to get the same deal, being paid on this thirteen dollar deal, then in enzed dollars, we would be set to be making over $21 an hour. Nothing to sneeze at.
Other cities in the US that have something similar to this already in place, are Santa Fe and Albuquerque in NM, San Francisco and Washington.

Walmart are not pleased.

Scored my very own first shoplifter today. Was in the camera room talking to Leanne about our previous shoplifter that very morning, when I noticed a guy walking down the back aisles from wine in front, to aisle five at the back with two blocks of chocolate in his hand. "Leanne - I'd watch him." So we do, and next thing you know he'sput them up his shirt. Yessssss I love catching bastards. Cops took ages to get there, and I was getting a bit worried as his mate that was with him was really pissed off with the guy and wanted to smash his head in for stealing. Lucky Baden was standing in the way otherwise we could have ended up with some very damaged cameras.

I like having the house to myself on Tuesday nights. Andrew's at work til' after ten, and Martin usually has rugby practice. Only now that rugby's finished, I thought he would be home downing my styles, but he's at his gf's, so it's all good.
Cooking dinner tomorrow night. Chicken pasta (with red onion, garlic, cheese and salami, with tomato/cheese pasta sauce), baked in the oven til' crisp. Garlic bread. Steamed brocolli and cauliflower with cheese sauce over the top. YUM.
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Subject:that's what they say
Time:08:42 pm
Something I scratched out one night just gone...

Explosions light years away
seeing the past through astronomer's eyes
the tail-end of life -
we only get the short version
what happened
between now and then
creation and the final descent
deciding someone's fate
another luxury
we cannot afford
nor abide by

Symptoms of abuse
deciding your own fate
out of my hands
but not in yours
no one said life was fair
but balanced is an extreme
drugs that we can take
but none
that can release this ache.

On Saturday, I bought something I have never even thought about buying before.
I bought...a bikini. It's brown, and I bought board shorts to hide my arse, but...there will NOT be any photos of me in my bikini any time soon. Not that you'd want to see them.

Oh yeah, Angel - I will be in L.A for looks like, ONE DAY ONLY. I leave enzed Friday 4th Aug, so I assume I will arrive Friday 4th Aug. I'm not too sure of te time, but if you like I will give you a ring when I get there to see what you're up to (seeing as I didn't see you last time - my bad). The next day after that, it's off to Swingin' London, baby! Five fab days there, and then it's on to the Greek Islands, where apparently my "swimwear" will be put to good use. XXXcellent. Have to send me store manager Shaun a postcard because he got awfully jealous when I said I was off to the Greek Islands. Hmmm.

Another dream last night. Was playing rugby with some posh boys, (Prince William happened to be playing against my team). Although my team seemed to consist of just me. Wtf is it with Prince William lately? He's not even bloody hot!
They asked if I was playing for Australia (they got confused with the accent). I said no, we kicked the ball around, then retired to the pavillion for a good ole orgy. Then Queen mum popped in and all the boys suddenly looked suitably embarassed. I should say so. Thus ends my dream.
What have I been smoking? ;-P
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Time:08:50 pm
Had a very interrupted night last night - woke up at one thirty, and thought it was almost time to get up. Lucky I looked at the clock. Then I woke again just after five. Not cool.
Had some weird-o dreams. In one of them I was shacking up with Prince William. Hmm not that I think he's hot. I guess on some sub-zero temperature level I guess I must do, to some degree.
www.ratemyteacher.co.nz is cool.
.com if you're not enzed based.
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Current Music:Come and get your love - Real MCoy
Subject:automatic lover
Time:09:06 pm
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
Old school songs on an old school tape. Real MCoy - Another Night. Heard myself humming some bars earlier from TLC - Don't go chasing waterfalls - go figure, so I scratched up this old tape I had of these guys. Think I probably scammed it off big sis at some they're-so-cool stage.
Also munching on Starburst GummiJumble lolliesif you're interested. I'm sure my teeth are. You witch - you're killing us all with your decay-inducing diabetes-wacked sugar-infested jelly-filled death cakes! Put us on suicide watch, why don't you!

Christchurch was crisp. Grandma was even more gone in the head. Grandad was NOT well. It hurt to see my dad having to help his dad up to go the bathroom, or to go to the kitchen, or to go anywhere. Made me think bad thoughts about how I might handle the truth if faced with helping my dad do those things when he is grandad's years. I remember one year, when I happened to be at Grandma and Grandad's, and for a few moments I imagined my mum or mydad in an accident or something and I ended up crying to myself. What sort of weird person things like that? Not that I would ever want that to happen, but I thought about it all the same. The other day I imagined Andrew having a heart attack or something similar, and how I would react to that happening. My mind so should not be out alone.
Flight down was similar to my last flight down there (luggage took the scenic route down to Dunedin, deciding its final destination was not to be Christchurch). This time, it was me that was waylaid. Because of "technical difficulties" and pilots not living up to the reasonable assumption that they might know what they're talking about, I missed my connecting flight from Auckland to Christchurch, and got there later than expected. Then, on the way back, half my flight (from Wellington to Hamilton) got cancelled on my ass. So I got booked on another flight (on something that resembled a sardine tin with wings), a "direct" flight, so of course we stopped in Palmerston North to fill up (as our flying nun had only enough gas to get us up but perhaps not down). Most not impressed with their "departure tax" rule, and I did not care that they are the only enzed airport to inflict that on their customers. They fucked up - yet there's always a way to make me pay.
But - I did get to see my grandparents and the plane did land. So here I am.

Sunday at work = veddy busy.
Got bugger all done, didn't get to drop the front aisle as I had promised myself (and Baden) that I would. Came in at six Monday morning to drop it, just so that I didn't feel like I'd let myself down too much. Monday was kick-ass. It was all so gooooooood. Shuan was clocking out at the end of the day and I ran up to him, and said, "It's been a bloody awesome day Shaun! Yessssssh!" He asked me what I was on, and could he have some?
I told him yes, but he'd have to pay. Suddenly, not so keen. Hehehe.
Then I rang up dutymanager Chris when I was in my car ready to zoom, as I noticed a guy, way dodge, filling up a drink bottle of petrol. Then he wandered off into the bushes. Hmm must have wanted some alone time with his friend Mr Petrol. Hope I didn't spoil his down-time by warning Chris about him.
Tough shit - asshole. Go sniff on someone else's time.

Going from such a great day yesterday,was not impressed to come out this morning to find someone had broken my little side window. And it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Lucked out,bruvva from another muvva.
Have to ring around tomorrow to see who wants to help liddle ole me fix me window.
But first, more wine. And more colourful sweet things.
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Subject:Yes indeedy, my little friendly
Time:09:23 pm
Watched two good movies this past weekend.
Crash and Fightplan
Also watched Brokeback Mountain which had lovely mountain scenes and only one rough lovin' scene to be had. How boring.
Am developing a nice wee crush on Sean Bean, who starred in Flightplan. Makes me want to see LotR's again. But then I'll see Viggo, who does look rather dashing in the first two movies, and then I'll remember how much he looked like a seventies Jesus in the third installment, and that will spoil my Sean Bean fantasy because my brain will be thiking about awful facial hair compared to rather nice facial hair and it all goes downhill from there. Old school mate of mine had 'Strider' as his icq nick. Ahh icq, how quaint.

Nana turned 90 on Saturday. Her friends are great.

Work was awesome today. Quiet as anything, but everyone bar one turned up. Dropped the front aisle BIG time, and we spent the rest of the day filling and facing. Bossman Glenn dropped by and enquired on his way whether I had dropped the front aisle. "Better to bring it all down than not enough, eh Glenn!" (I had dropped shitloads). He agreed, but you never know for sure whether he was pleased or not.
Shaun also came in to do tickets, so I'm glad the place looked bloody excellent.

Off to Christchurch on Tuesday.
I'm off to sleep. Perchance, to dream.
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Current Music:The Pretenders - Human (appropriate song)
Subject:crash and burn, maybe some day you'll learn
Time:08:02 pm
Current Mood:distresseddistressed
I am legal on the roads. Yippee Kay ay Muvva fucka.
I've just made a lovely wet ring on my book stand. Courteousy of my wine glass. What - you want I should have it sitting next to my computer?
Am re-reading one of Bill Bryson's travel books. Still all good.

Today I learnt something. Not a good thing, but learn from it, all the same.
Seems I stress out quite easily. Well, I don't think I was stressed, but apparently I show it quite easily. Hear that, I'm easy.
Was at checkout control doing something (can't remember what)and Barb (supervisor) asked me if I was stressed. I frowned, was about to say something, but then I realised that Shaun was behind me. I told her no - what makes you think that? but I thought to myself fuck-what a great thing to ask right when Shaun-the guy I'm trying to make him know I'm ready to be a duty manager-is right behind me fiddling with the computer. Christ. Not a good look. But it made me reflect, and so I asked her a little later what were my tells (although I still maintain that at that moment I wasn't exactly in high-stress mode). She told me I don't seem to slow down and that I don't pause for answers etc. Hmm. Pissed me off a bit as I didn't think I was stressed, but obviously I was showing signs, so I'm glad I know now. I took two breaths instead of one the whole rest of the afternoon. Makes me wary of my actions, that's for sure.

I'm also being a worry-wart about my flatmate.
Say you've had stomach cancer a few years back. About a month ago, you said you had a pain in your side. Now you have a sore back. You haven't done anything out of the ordinary to cause this lingering pain.
I've told him to go to the doctor, and he says he will if it doesn't go away. But there's a difference between saying you'll go, and actually going. Now, am I worrying? I did just read an article about a guy who had cancer, they got rid of it, and then he had pain in his back, and whaddya-know - the cancer was back. And this guy died.
Where's the harm in going to the doctor? Is he being like his mother, who was sick a while ago, but wouldn't go to the doctor because she was afraid of what he would say? (she had breast cancer in earlier days).
Sometimes he can be so stubborn.

Had lamb loin chops for dindins. Saved some for lunch tomorrow. Yum!
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