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Subject:musings of the paranoid-a
Time:07:16 pm
Saturday morning, around the 1:30am time slot, I heard yelling from the street. Paid it no attention but sent bad juju vibes to whoever was keeping me awake. Snoozing zone entre, but was not to be when I was jolted awake by a low menacing tone speaking sinister snarlings outside my freaking window. "Hey, Landscaper Cunt, yeah, I know where you live. You fucked my wife, you just wait, I'm going to fuck you up good you fucking cunt." I almost jumped up to look out the window but I reckon I didn't want to antagonise him. Besides the fact that it scared me shiteless. I assumed he was talking about my flattie, who's a landscaper, and I thought 4fuckssakedowehavetogothroughthisshitagain?
Told flattie in the morning - bastard hadn't heard it - and he was flabbergastered - "I haven't fucked anyone's wife! I should be so lucky!" I left to help out the mums' and the guy turned up just after - "where's that landscaper cunt?" Flattie: "Ahhh that would be me?" Turned out to be a case of mistaken identity. For farks sake, shit me pants why don't I?
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Time:09:53 pm
Had a wacky weekend. Friday 13th was slice and dice with a trip to the A + E with my neighbour as she sliced her hand open trying to cut an onion. Came home with twelve stitches. Silly woman.
Saturday I slept in, went into town, cruised the old bookshelves for old school detective/crime stories, interrupted by a phone call from Mum asking me for a favour; 'could I bring them the Waikato times and the NZ Herald as they've been in a car crash and she wants something for Jacky to read'? Ummm I ran outside, stood there for a minute, started one way towards my car, turned and started another way for the papers, then turned back towards my car, then headed somewhere for newspapers. Forgot we had lights and I had to wait on the pedestrian crossing. They are both okay, bit of bruising and sore and that but gave me the shits. Marnie - Don't freak. They are Vanilla Ice cool.
I am tired, even though I had eight hours sleep. Some fuckwit punks siphoned my flatmates truck's tank last night, so he ran out of petrol on the way to work this morning. Not a happy chappy.
Coldplay is on. Essential att.
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Subject:confusions of the dreams
Time:09:38 pm
Current Mood:coldcold
Tuesday night. Late night. Cool night. Not this night. This night I had five staff down from a usual eight. Great start. 10:10 pm - enter (inside the head)grumpy dwarf when one of the forklift drivers assaulted one of the other forklift drivers. I only heard after when the guy who got assaulted, told me he "was off, I'm not staying around for this shit, who knows what else is going to happen with him". He walked off and out-ski. Came back with his dad who tore into me for still having the other forklift guy working after he's attacked his son. I'm still trying to put pieces tpgether into what happened. If I told the other guy to leave without knowing the details of everything exactly thst took place I could put my ass in shit not to mention the store's. Dad and son went off, and next thing I know, the phone rings and on the other end of the line is the police. MMM fun. Luckily it was Carla, who used to work with me, so she was sweet as and really understanding. Rang Shaun (storemanager) as I couldn't get in touch with Steve (grocery manager) to inform him about the situation and the inclusion of the cops and ask whether I was right in not sending the other guy home). So I'm a forklift driver short, trying to get the grocery guys to keep their heads down and not goof off, trying to keep the alleged assaulter from going out to the carpark to applogise to the other guy and his dad (because that's just not the cool idea when everyone's so heated up), come back in after "checking the trolley's were locked", to find one of the grocery staff rolling on the floor of produce just being a total dick. Swore at im, which is not the cool thing to do but I was pissed off totally. Grocery staff. Forklift guys. Grocery staff. Then butchery freezer alarms playing hide-the-sausage with me and not in a fun way. 15 degrees c? Fuck arff. Didn't worry too much about it because I had seen our hand-ee guy fiddling with things down there earlier, and I had had no alerts at all from the computer that night. Then, last straw, while I was doing the shopping (which entails grabbing every odd/random thing that doesn't belong down that aisle as well as cold things like meat, cheese, milk); and I came across a wine cask box sans the bladder that goes inside. So after all this shite going on, last thing I need is to know that I've had a thirsty thief and didn't even know it. Grrr. Didn't go home til midnight as I was tiding up all that shit, doing my department checks, setting the alarm, talking to the policia, and then I had to check the cameras to get the footage. Didn't look good, that's for sure.
Slept in this morning - didn't wake up til six am, wich is the time I'm meant to bloody start. Almost shafted myself getting out of bed and ready.
I'm tired and listening now - due to random selection - Dave Mattthew's band.
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Current Music:Faith Hill says hello
Current Location:you are here
Time:04:33 pm
Current Mood:busybusy
Am listening to a random selection of music; it was just Death Cab and now it's Lou Reed. Been a while since I spun it live on livejournal. My bad, indeed.
Life has been very "...therefore I am" lately. Work has been a lot of changes - I am almost now completely out of checkouts and full time grocery, with a plan in the works for me to go Mon-Friday, as I've been given the nod to do the foodstuffs ordering. Since it involves a lot of numbers and the crunching thereof, I am suitably curious in a nervous sort of way. Went to my first workshop for my Management Development Foodstuffs course a couple of weeks ago up in Auckland-o. Scored wheels + driver up there and back, as well as to and from the training centre and to our 'meet our mentors' read: get pissed up large and meet other pissed up large fellow foodstuffs minions. So having a driver for these events meant I could partake in these events full-heartily. Go the Irish pub and their Irish folks. Learnt shite-loads about myself and all the important 'I need's' to get me on my way to becoming Super Biatch. Came home with a goal to set up a staff indoor netball team. Yeah man, Pak 'n save team are-a-go!
Now Dave Oiy is spinning his tunes. Hardcore styles.
Must write up my first assignment on Mr Computer here. Don't want to get my ass in a sling for turning it in late. My time management skills leave something to be desired. But hey, that's all in the changing rooms plan. I hope all you peeps and pimps out there are having a wicked time and that none of you are suffering from scurvy.
Now row you bastards!
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Subject:and to the pregnant seventeen year old who killed herself on Boxing Day
Time:07:01 pm
Current Mood:aggravatedaggravated
Dear Helen,

taking life
giving up your right
can't take the fight
but is it your right
you want your suffering to end
letting down those who depend
but what about those
who want it more
who didn't ask for this before
isn't that worth more
than your selfish law
not want
but need
aren't you a friend indeed
to our country, to our lives
does that make it feel alright
shake a hand
a smile here and there
wait -
that's when you'll be there
shrug, make a wave
- that's the end of your day
but our day drags on
and carries on into the night
and you'll see, what happens
at the end of the fight.

My friend's in need
but, because of your greed
your sight's impaired
those who need care
they're not there - you can't see
but I can - he's right here
he can't eat
he can't sleep
he's limited his drink
all because - you can't think
the surplus is great
oh, what a wonderful mistake
but what to do, what to do
oh I know - what about our issues?
There's Education, there's Police
there's health, but I misspeak
you don't care about that
unless it gets you ahead.
Well, life aint a game
we're not seeking fortune, nor fame
I just want you to be fair
with the money you've got to spare.

Education - Yes
Policing - Yes
Health - YES

My friend is waiting for an operation - that you should know.
If you don't care, then you need to go.
And he needs it quick - and I'm not pulling any funny shit,
but we need to know...

where's all that surplus money going to go?
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Subject:It's the Pak 'n Save way
Time:04:52 pm
I've been shivved.
This new supervisor called Jackie started on Monday. No - Tuesday. I thought she was just doing normal supervisory stuff, and taking care of the Saturday part timers. But then on Thursday, she went up with Pam to the managers meeting. I'm like...ummmm okay...introduction, or something? They come back down and Jackie starts putting this note from Glenn on all the tills, which tells everyone that Jackie is going to be job sharing with Pam and taking care of the part timers, doing all the training and follo-ups and shit. Ummm Xcuse me -isn't that my job as 2ic of checkouts? So apparently, that aint my job anymore. Really love the communication skills, folks. That's really how I wanted to find out what I'm not doing anymore.
Too peeved to chat. I cornered Baden and said wtf? He told me they want me to do more 'duty manager' stuff around the shop, learn more things instead of being stuck at checkouts, and I'm like great, but that still doesn't get you guys off the hook for not fucking filling me in. Wankers.
So next week I'm corbering Baden again and going to get him to do an appraisal on me. I want to know what I'm doing, where I'm going, what I'm doing right, what I'm doing wrong, and what areas I need to improve on. Hmmph.
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Subject:individually wrapped miniature snickers bars
Time:07:34 pm
Dream last night - the forecast was full of sunny days and suddenly the rain came down, and the banks broke, and it started FLOODING. The water was coming UP the moutains and I started freaking out and running up the hill towards this hut that turned out to be the Chinese Embassy. I was all worried about not being able to get let in, and meanwhile the water keeps coming. I went in - no asians around - and there's Glenn Miller (boss man) standing in the doorway; and Rob Lawe sitting crosslegged on the floor with his pregnant girlfriend. I start asking Glenn where his helicopter is, and then I think - no, because after a while it's going to run out of fuel, and then we will land on the roof, but you can't land on the roof because the hut couldn;t handle it. The water ran down the supports, until it was almost lapping at the doorstep, and then it stopped. Woke up shit scared, looked up 'flooding' in my dream book,and it warned me to be aware of thieves and bad people. Greaaaaaaaat. Had to go to work in the dark so I was freaking out, even though I was in the car.
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Current Music:let's get it started in here
Subject:dream world
Time:07:50 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
I had a dream last night...

This dream the other night; I wrote it down on a piece of stolen Holiday Inn note paper (well, they did leave it there).
It reads as follows:
Dinner at Grandad's - outside with family (picnic style). No ham.
Old flattie stole my car.
Derek sold me poppers which turned out to be crack.
This guy was standing by some swings slicing his arm with an old fifty cent coin. I looked at my arm and the scratch was now on me.

I dreamt the other night that my arm was getting pins and needles, and then every few minutes my back would feel like water or something was thundering down on it and really hurting. This would happen every few minutes, and I was wanting to move, but couldn't. It took an age for my arm to move. Andrew and Steph were talking right by me, and then every now and then her mum would say something to me. This mosquito was buzzing inside my ear, but by the time I moved my arm to wave it away it was gone. In the moment that my back was aching, this baby would wail really loudly right in my ear.

When I finally woke up, I was surprised to notice that my arm wasn't in fact underneath me (as I would have thought if I was dreaming about (you know, how you dream about needing to go to the toilet, and then you wake up and realise you need to go?). But no - so that dream was weird. Especially the crying baby.

Exciting night tomorrow night. I close up the shop for the first time, by myself. Eek! Going to be every Tuesday night, so I better get me shit together.
I had other stuff to say but I can't remember it, so I will just.go.
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Time:09:12 pm
A man born with a cobra in one hand and a baby croc in the other.
Serving Lance from Dairy Deli his lunch this early afternoon, and he asked me "had I heard about Steve Irwin dying?" and I told him to fuck off. "No serious, he's dead. A stingray killed him!" I told him to fuck off some more.
You would think...a crocodile chomping off his neck, or getting nastily mauled by a lion...but a stingray; barb through the heart? Fuck off. But yeah, the Croc Hunter, DOA.
Sad. I liked making fun of him (in a good way). "Woah, crikey!"

So, I'm home. Have been for a week (plus extra).
I'm interested in the 'white horses' I saw punched into the slight hills of South England - south west England - what's up with them? Who put them there? How did they come about?

Liked St Ives - loved the old second hand stores. Old war memorablia (spell that right?) -still too xpensive with the damn old exchange rate. Try not to multiply three times, but you can't help it. So eighteen pounds becomes...ahh fuck it, I'll just browse. Still, bloody good look, I reckon.

Listening to Greg Proops go on about life in England; makes me wanna go back. But on my own.
Photos cazme out alright. One good one of me in Hyde park, but that's about it. Reminds me I have to drop them 'round to the mums'.

Planned to go home at four PM today; told myself that many a time - ended up clocking out at 6:20 pm. Doing some trolley shit (seeing as I'm taking that dept over). Was pissed off but glad at the same time because I did a lotofit with Baden and he's hot (to me), and he's smart as shit, so I learnt heaps too.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday- I've already worked 43 hours. I still have Wednesday and Thursday to go. And tomorrow's going to be a 12 hour + day, 'cos I'm training up four newbies. Xcellent. Will be tired, but.

More new shizz later, when I'm not as farked.
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Subject:i love foreign languages...except on the computer
Time:04:42 pm
Current Mood:contentcontent
Peeling slowly as in some places I almost escaped being burnt to a crisp, but failed in my 'can I survive the beach?' test. Beaches are not for me. Beaches are for Adonises with leather mummy skin that has been painted a shiny fake-tan brown, and the sea is for the sharks. Didn't feel any, however.
Be nice to get back to England where it it might feel like being twenty degrees, or might decide to rain, or mgiht feel like being a little crazy and head on up to twenty five with a ray of sunshine to give you a natural boost without the added herbs and spices.

Found it amusingly desperate of the airport security that they found it necessary to feel up a five year old kid. Sure, 'cos you never know what he's going to stick up your nose, let alone his.
Amused myself with the notion that on the way back they might decide to keep us ehntertained for a few hours with an in-flight movie involving, say, a flight jacking. As Alanis would say, ironic? Mucho, but there would most definitely be a song about it. I recommend Flightplan with Jodie Foster. Although they've already got Jodie on another film called The Inside Man which is supposed to be tres awesome, so they might not want to overdo the Jodie-stylyin'.
Whilst the sunsets on Santorini in the Greek Islands are ass-kicking gorgeous, the quaint little abode's that we called home for a few days at a time refrain to be contained under the same specifics as described above. The bathroom WILL get soaked, along with everything else in there (life jackets for your clothes).
The pillows are hard as ye olde Egyptian rock - my sister got frustrated with hers early one morning and threw it to the floor, waking us all with a loud bang and me yelling 'what the fuck was that!'). The bathroom (returning for a second to this), may remind you of the smell you get when you walk into a public toilet down by the beach. Mmmm lunch!

In Athens, before we retired to our humble island isolation tanks, we were walking across this square where these two dogs were on the farther side from us. This lanky dog was walking a few steps in front of us when it stopped. And stared. One of the other dogs stopped. And stared. They stood there and stared at each other. "Oh, it's love at first sight," I reckoned outloud.
Then the two dogs trotted towards each other and began the all-important sniffing ritual that is the international sign that yes-you-are-in-fact-a-dog. After that were done, they started up a big play fight as if they hadn't seen each other in years and were performing a massive catch-up. Was funny to see.
I am in Athens at the moment - last night here and then it's off to the airport before the moon shall curtsey to the sun.
Around England for half a week and then home. Apparently we are not driving anywhere near Cambridge, so...*wibble*

Am looking forward to the duty free.
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